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According to the number

Le 11 mai 2018, 06:14 dans Humeurs 0

  Recently, Haidian District promulgated the policy of compulsory education in 2018. The policy points out that all of the aged children aged 6 and 6 (born before August 31, 2012) have household registration, with other districts of the city and actually live in Haidian District. Their parents or other legal guardians have their own legal property certificates in Haidian District; the non housing families with other districts of the city have long been in the sea. The work and residence of the Lake District conforms to the continuous rental housing in Haidian District and the actual residence for more than 3 years, the registration of the housing rental regulatory platform in Beijing, and the legal and stable employment of the husband and wife for more than 3 years in Haidian District, will be enrolment in accordance with the principle of exemption.

  According to the number of school-age students, school distribution, degree supply, household registration, real estate, residence years and other factors, it is prudent to promote the combination of single school and multi school enrolment, to form a more fair and perfect near admission rules. Since January 1, 2019, the new registration and housing non property certificate of housing in Haidian District for the application of admission will no longer correspond to a school and carry out multiple school scribing. Priority should be given to ensuring eligible children and adolescents with disabilities to enter the school, to achieve "zero refusal" and to ensure that children with disabilities are able to receive appropriate education in a fair and inclusive environment.

  In 2019, Haidian District will abolish the enrollment of all kinds of special students and strictly regulate the enrollment of public boarding schools (class). It is required to strictly follow the enrollment plan published in the year, to recruit students in the area, and to show the enrollment scope, enrollment quota, enrollment method and admission list. In accordance with the enrollment plan, enrollment scope, enrollment method and charge standard, the students of Haidian District should be given priority to to recruit students in Haidian District. In 2018, the temporary residence permit was no longer included in the scope of the audit to retain the audit of the residence permit (or the residence registration card in the period of validity) in Beijing, and to increase the audit of the lease contract for rental housing for talents or the joint lease of the Beijing public rental housing lease for non Beijing applicants to rent public rental housing.

At the starting ceremony

Le 10 février 2017, 04:20 dans Humeurs 0

  A few days ago, the second "Han Chinese hero Association" hosted by the Confucius Institute headquarters / Hanban hosted the Beijing District zoning exchange activities at Beijing Language and Culture University. 60 Chinese masters of international education from 10 colleges and universities in Beijing are enrolled in postgraduate activities. After two days of competition, 12 athletes won the "Han Chinese hero customs clearance order". They will take part in the second "Han Jiao hero Association" summer camp in JuneThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University is known as the best university of hong kong in providing hospitality education programme. .

  At the starting ceremony of the exchange activities, Confucius college headquarters / senior adviser to the state Han office and the original Chinese office of the United Nations Educational Science and Cultural Organization represented Ms. Shi Shuyun. "The hero of Han Dynasty" was a feast for the master of Chinese and foreign Chinese international education. It provided a display of Chinese culture to the young Chinese teachers. Platform for more industry insiders to understand the cause of Han education. The hosting of the Han Chinese hero association is not only a test and improvement for young students, but also a discussion on the training mode of master of International Education in ChineseHong Kong personal loan : CCB(Asia)'s personal instalment loan service allows you to enjoy liquidity with a low interest rate and $0 handling fee. Make your personal goals more reachable with extra cash on hands! .

  Contestant Gupuna and his classmates in class activities

  The contestants in the Beijing division are composed of 38 Chinese and 22 foreign players, and foreign players from 14 countries in four continents, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. Communication is divided into two parts: "teaching actual combat" and "contemporary China and Chinese culture". It mainly investigates athletes' teaching practice and Chinese cultural transmission ability. The "practical teaching" is designed to test the practical skills and intercultural communicative competence of the players. It focuses on the ability to stimulate students' learning motivation, enhance interaction between students and students, and thus achieve language communication, accomplish teaching goals, and respond to cultural differences. The link of "contemporary China and Chinese culture" focuses on the understanding and understanding of the hot issues and Chinese culture in contemporary China, the planning of cultural activities and the combination of talent and activities to promote the ability of Chinese and foreign cultural dialoguesNew tools using biomarkers for Lung Cancer Screening are still in research phase and await prospective trials to evaluate their effectiveness .

Marriage,Love and Freedom

Le 17 janvier 2017, 04:49 dans Humeurs 0

  You are asking, "Is it possible to be married and to be free storage rack?"   If you take marriage non-seriously, then you can be free. If you take it seriously, then freedom is impossible. Take marriage just as a game -- it is a game. Have a little sense of humor, that it is a role you are playing on the stage of life; but it is not something that belongs to existence or has any reality -- it is a fiction.   But people are so stupid that they even start taking fiction for reality. I have seen people reading fiction with tears in their eyes, because in the fiction things are going so tragically. It is a very good device in the movies that they put the lights off, so everybody can enjoy the movie, laugh, cry, be sad, be happy.   If there was light it would be a little difficult -- what will others think? And they know perfectly well that the screen is empty -- there is nobody; it is just a projected picture. But they forget it completely.   And the same has happened with our lives. Many things which are simply to be taken humorously, we take so seriously -- and from that seriousness begins our problem.   In the first place, why should you get married? You love someone, live with someone -- it is part of your basic rights. You can live with someone, you can love someone.   Marriage is not something that happens in heaven, it happens here, through the crafty priests. But if you want to join the game with society and don't want to stand alone and aloof, you make it clear to your wife or to your husband that this marriage is just a game:   "Never take it seriously. I will remain as independent as I was before marriage, and you will remain as independent as you were before marriage. Neither I am going to interfere in your life, nor are you going to interfere in my life; we will live as two friends together, sharing our joys, sharing our freedom -- but not becoming a burden on each other Payroll Hong Kong.   And any moment we feel that the spring has passed, the honeymoon is over, we will be sincere enough not to go on pretending, but to say to each other that we loved much -- and we will remain grateful to each other forever, and the days of love will haunt us in our memories, in our dreams, as golden -- but the spring is over.   Our paths have come to a point, where although it is sad, we have to part, because now, living together is not a sign of love. If I love you, I will leave you the moment I see my love has become a misery to you. If you love me, you will leave me the moment you see that your love is creating an imprisonment for me."   Love is the highest value in life: It should not be reduced to stupid rituals. And love and freedom go together -- you cannot choose one and leave the other. A man who knows freedom is full of love, and a man who knows love is always willing to give freedom.   If you cannot give freedom to the person you love, to whom can you give freedom? Giving freedom is nothing but trusting. Freedom is an expression of love.   So whether you are married or not, remember, all marriages are fake -- just social conveniences. Their purpose is not to imprison you and bind you to each other; their purpose is to help you to grow with each other. But growth needs freedom; and in the past, all the cultures have forgotten that without freedom, love dies.   You see a bird on the wing in the sun, in the sky, and it looks so beautiful. Attracted by its beauty, you can catch the bird and put it in a golden cage.   Do you think it is the same bird? Superficially, yes, it is the same bird who was flying in the sky; but deep down it is not the same bird -- because where is its sky, where is its freedom Makeup course?   This golden cage may be valuable to you; it is not valuable to the bird. For the bird, to be free in the sky is the only valuable thing in life. And the same is true about human beings.

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