I to blow on the chaotic street in the wind to fondly remember happiness, I was thinking of in the familiar environment yesterday, I was recollecting joyfully nearby the vast sea, I was tasting sadly under the sob sky, I smiled in front of the mirror,    Sobs at the back of the mirror, I am pursuing your happiness livelily in the dream, I awake in the dream hurry am avoiding your joy, I wake in only then mine night, feel sorrowful.。。。。。 Do sad I, the sorrow I, why see clearly not early you,
I really thought did not understand what I did make to be able to let you mistakenly hate me like this? Asks you to tell me well?
I always condemned from, should not meet you.If has not met you, to now I also can be a pure girl, does not understand love, what doesn't know grief.I regretted that, really very much regretted, my also good compunction.。。Only is, I did not know how should do only then cannot let you think I am am injuring you? I knew if such gets down also to be able again to be a mistake eventually, whose anyone arrives finally nobody to be able to be But believed is good I to awaken suddenly, such has not sunk confuses.Recently the code could not look like your same love to suffer extreme distress is even difficult to sleep all night not right? Faces the reality not to have to pursue that not to have the result question, what significance like this also has to you to me? Why province dessert.。。
. Actually you do not understand me, also does not trust me, otherwise you cannot listen to others talking nonsense.。。You knew that was not the impossible matter you to believe eventually, I was very disappointed to you, I thought you could understand me, I could notthink you could think like this: “If did not have him to meddle we perhaps in together.” You too have been impervious, to you thorough disappointed.。。
You said that, you can respect me the choice.From this time on you cannot enter my world.Then I said, good, we are respectively well.Therefore, I hoped you might cross very much from now on happily, will cross is better than me, so long as you have been happy, so long as you will cross well.I also can think happily.So long as you are good, I can good.
Please remember, certainly must cross is happier than me, certainly wants!